Saying Goodbye to Sumer

This week there is finally a chill in the air and we are gladly putting a long hot summer to bed. Despite my excitement for my favorite time of year, I am reminiscing about my favorite summertime treat: fresh peas from the garden.

Fresh From the Garden

It is a cherished memory: finding a shaded spot in the grass, piling pea-filled pods in front of me, and slowly shelling peas that will never make it to the dinner table.

Young and old delight in this remarkable vegetable that can be eaten straight from the garden. Even now I’m thinking about the sweet juicy pop of a pea in my mouth.

But the sweetest part of those summer days is the moments shared with parents and children alike.

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Shelling Peas

“Three Peas in a Pod”

©2016 by Natasha Nashadka

oil on 9×12 wood panel, private collection

Who’s In the Painting

I caught this cherished moment of my sister, my daughter, and my nephew years ago in my parent’s backyard. I knew immediately that it would make a tender memorable painting.

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