I Don’t Belong

I don’t belong to this selfie generation. I hate pictures of myself and even avoid mirrors in public, except for those funhouse mirrors that make me look 30 pounds lighter. I think that the “selfie stick” should be used to beat the people that use it. So painting the “selfie” is something I have avoided with the same zeal that a dog avoids a Korean restaurant. It might have been the Inktober challenge that finally gave me the nudge. 30 paintings in 30 days was going to require a lot of source material.

What’s That Expression?

The source photo wasn’t exactly a selfie – it was a picture I had taken with my daughter where I actually liked how I looked. So I cropped her out (sorry, hon) and began painting away. The come-hither expression (according to my husband) that gain makes looking at myself hard to do. But my husband likes it. Hmmm, he also avoids Korean restaurants. Could he be a dog? I need to go and get a treat for him. Enjoy!