In the heart of Alabama lies an unexpected, but exquisite jewel (obscured by college football)… the Birmingham Museum of Art. This unassuming and overlooked museum has a world-class collection that rivals better known galleries.

There are many paintings I call favorite, but one stands out both literally and figuratively.

Opposite the second floor entrance, hangs a massive, larger-than-life painting called Dorian Gray. Wait, no. It’s called Looking Down Yosemite Valley by Albert Bierstadt. The painting is expertly placed at the opposite end of a long wide corridor – creating a hypnotic focal point. The painting almost looks like a window into Yosemite awash in hazy, late-afternoon light.

I have spent a great amount of time in front of this painting.

After the initial depression that comes with knowing that I will never paint like that, I guess you could say I was inspired.

I’m please to say it got picked up by Sally DeFord for the song “Peace, Peace, Be Still” …. and we have a title!

I hope you find your own inspiration from it and, if you’re ever in Alabama, spend a day at the Birmingham Museum of Art.

The Music Video – Peace, Peace, Be Still 

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