Marbling Paper with Shaving Cream

This is an incredibly fun project that works well for all ages and makes the classroom smell great too!

All the instructions you’ll need art at The Artful Parent, but I have a few hints for adapting it to the classroom.

  • Have a station for wiping the foam off of the paper and a container to wipe the excess shaving cream into.
  • Keep the stations clean! Teach the kids how to scrape then wipe, scrape then wipe the shaving cream off of the print, putting the excess cream in the appropriate receptacle.
  • Keep the stations clean! Yes, it needs repeating. Have a tray for foamy utensils and paper towels available for cleaning hands.
  • Don’t use too much ink. About 10 drops work well. I had several students using loads too much and, besides being a waste, the results were terrible and didn’t result in the marbling.
  • Most importantly, don’t over-blend! This is a good time to have a lesson on white or negative space. A vital part to the designs is leaving some of the shaving cream untouched.

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