Animal Collage

Putting it all together


  • Ripped-up, patterned paper
  • Sketchbook
  • Glue
  • Nose template (see below)
  • Eyes


Previously we made our eyes and patterned paper. In my video, I didn’t have time to make the paper so I just used craft paper. If you didn’t make any patterned paper, you can use various pages of colorful cardstock. Tear it into thin strips.

Glue your paper into your sketchbook, applying the glue just to one end of the paper. Use a fan pattern to simulate fur.

Add your eyes.

Cut out your nose and fold in half. Here you have two options:

  • glue in the nose first, then apply the fur
  • apply fur to the nose first then glue it in

I applied the fur first, but it was a bit more tricky to glue it in afterwards. You may want to try hot glue for the tab, but please get help from an adult if you do.

Color the nose in with paint. Dog noses are black and curve outward. Cat noses are often pink and curve inward. ***For a cat nose, you’ll have to cut the excess paper (the dip) off of the template.


Get the template for your nose here and print it on heavy cardstock.

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