Monster Mash Month

It’s October and a great time to be thinking of monsters!

Today we’re going to be exercising our creativity and create some monsters of our own using the theme animal mash-up. Check out this fun slideshow of creative animal mash-ups.

Drawing Our Own

Maybe you don’t have fancy photoshop skills, but you can still make your own with a simple pen or pencil like this cool creature creation by my friend Liza Welfare from the UK. She made her hybrid animal from a caterpillar and a crocodile.

Now make your own!

For a little help, fill in the blanks with random animals.




Or try my monster animal generator to come up with some crazy ideas. It’s got some generic animals in there, but some unusual ones that’ll be fun to look up!

Need an extra challenge? Add eyes, ears, and nose to the mix.

Class Creature Creations