Holiday String Lights

This wonderful project works just as well for my kindergarteners to sixth-graders. In the following examples, the first was done by my youngest and the latter by one of my oldest.

Despite their differences in abilities, all ages produced great results. The black paper plays a bit role in the success of this project.


  • pencil for initial lay-in
  • black paper
  • chalk pastels – we got to open our brand new Sargent Art Soft Pastels and they got favorable reviews from all my students
  • black Sharpie

A Quick and Easy Project

My first group of students got templates for the bulbs because I thought this would alleviate the time crunch we often experience and help my younger students make their drawings large enough. Then the templates went walkabout….and my next class did just fine without them. Their drawings were more inventive and fun. Lesson learned.

If you know me, you know my panache for slideshows. So here’s this lesson’s instructions:

String Lights Presentation

I’m reiterating the meat of the project in the video below:

We finish by coloring the sockets with Sharpie and adding a fun colored string.

All Ages, All Incredible

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