Getting Started Is Easy


Send Me Your Photos

The first thing we need is a really fabulous image of your special someone. The quality of your portrait is directly related to a high-quality photo. Here are some guidelines for choosing your photo:

  • GREAT LIGHTING – the better the lighting the better your loved one looks – natural light works well
  • SIZE – make sure your photo is around 1 MB or more – the more data the better
  • NO OBSTRUCTIONS – make sure your subject is not obscured by any objects like hats, scarves, or blankets (I once had a woman who was frustrated because I could get a good likeness of her daughter when half of the face was under a scarf)
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR – sharp detailed photos are golden

Photos that don’t work:

  • avoid grainy photos
  • avoid photos where a strong flash is used
  • avoid photos taken at night (grainy and usually with a flash)
  • avoid blurry photos
  • don’t use newspaper clipping (talk about grainy!)

I am a people-pleaser and I have tried desperately to produce portraits from these poor sources. Sadly, no one was pleased with the results. Now I refuse photos with these problems but trust me, everyone is happier when we do it right.

Next Steps

After we’ve decided on the best image to use, there’s a lot to discuss. We’ll talk about size, color, paper, and most importantly, expectations. I’ll give you a planned completion date and get started!

Now the Waiting

You’re going to have to be patient here – art takes time!

Monotone portraits are usually completed in two weeks (expect longer waits around Christmastime). For full-color pastels, you can expect to wait about three months. Oil paintings need time to cure enough to be varnished; expect about six months.


The artwork is not framed. I know, that kinda sucks, but it helps me keep costs down and gives you control over matching the frame to your decor.

Pastel Paintings: pastels are made with delicate flakes of pigment and will need to be protected under glass. If you’re a hands-on sort of person, framing yourself is easy and I can point you to some excellent tutorials. Or simply take your painting to your favorite framing shop.

Oil Paintings: good news, my oil paintings don’t need framing (not that they can’t be framed, it’s just not necessary). I paint my oil paintings on cradled hardwood which have beautifully natural profiles.


Once I’m finished, I’ll send you an invoice through PayPal where you can choose from many easy payment options.

Lastly, Delivery

If you’re nearby, I can deliver your painting in person. If you require shipping, that can easily be arranged.