Natasha’s portrait reveals a radiance I see my wife, but that I have always been unable to capture in a photograph. Natasha really went way beyond my expectations in communicating with me as she developed the portrait, and in the quality of the final sketched portrait. I will always treasure this beautiful portrait of my precious wife.

Robin's Girl
I’ve always felt that a true artist is able to capture the “essence” of their subject(s), not just their physical attributes. I am utterly in awe of the finished sketches! Not only do I feel that Natasha captured the spirit of my children, the detail and mastery she possesses makes them appear almost 3D . . .as if they are truly living and breathing on the page! Natasha has a true God-given talent and uses that to enrich and bless other people’s lives. I cannot thank Natasha enough for these treasures . . .these depictions of a moment in time.

Natasha really captured the personalities of all my boys! She is super talented.

Natasha is a very gifted artist. I believe that people are the hardest subjects to capture, but Natasha does this flawlessly. Not only does she capture the image of her subjects, but she also finds a way to incorporate emotion.