Zentangle Landscapes

ZEN: to meditate

TANGLE: doodles

Kids can get surprisingly stressed about drawing so I wanted to focus on the journey and not so much the destination.

The Big Shapes

First, we talked about making a simple landscape with big open shapes to contain all of our zentangles. I demonstrated with a seascape, but I encouraged the students to do whatever they felt like. I found it important to remind them to make their drawings extend all the way to the edges of the page.


Next, we talked about what is a pattern and that we were going to be filling up our shapes with as many different patterns we could think of. Some of the children had no problem coming up with ideas; some needed examples to get them going.

Now to Add Color!

We started by outlining our drawings with a sharpie to create some strong contrast then we began coloring them. Markers work really well for adding color to this project. Some students decided they liked the simplicity of just black and white and that’s okay too.

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