Why Is Today Different Than the Many Days That Preceded It?

the Band at Rosies

Today’s swarm of people was unusual. We normally leave the house in the predawn light of 6:30 AM, and while there is always a fair amount of people joining us , today a greater mass migration than other mornings. Like a swarm of bees we were crawling all over each other making the journey to our destination a slog. To verify that it wasn’t just faulty perception, there were more than ten cars at the little coffee shop we always pass. I had never seen more than two cars parked in its tiny lot that could barely accommodate more than five.

I began musing as to what was so compelling about today that had the crowds pouring out into the world at such an early hour. Spring was definitely in the air lending the day its unfamiliar sensation as we have been emerging from a Southern winter. I had been marking the changes as first the tulip trees and daffodils of gave way to the red buds and finally the dogwoods. And I’ve noticed that the insects have added to the chatter of the birds.

The awakening of the season has been on its slow steady march since February.
What’s the difference today?

I can only guess at the universal subconscious that has urged us all outside this morning but I have my own theory. The difference today: the sun has finally made its debut at this early hour.