Insect Wings in Watercolor

What We’re Practicing

  • symmetry
  • oil vs water
  • cool vs warm
  • salt texture

What You’ll Need

  • paper – use thick mixed media or watercolor paper
  • pencil
  • oil pastels
  • watercolors – we’re using Blick Liquid Watercolors
  • brushes
  • water
  • salt
  • templates (you can draw by hand but here is a printable PDF of a variety of insect wings if you need it)

Draw, Paint, and Salt

Video Walkthrough


  • Have older students help younger students.
  • Keep the designs inside the wings large and simple to accommodate the fat lines of the oil pastels.
  • To save on paint, have students share palettes. Very little watercolor paint is needed. We used Blick Liquid Watercolors.
  • Make sure to have a mini-lesson on too little water versus too much.

Some More of the Fun

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