Not Value Scales

I’ve said it a million times – stop eating chili before bed. Because … well, you know. But I’ve also said that value is the most important element of art and I need to teach it. To that end, I needed a project that helped the students practice values while also providing something interesting to do. I would normally just have the kids draw a value scale, but honestly at this point, I would rather sing the entire “99 bottles of beer on the wall” song than go through that boring exercise again. But I don’t drink, so, here we go … 99 bottles of root beer on the wall…

Clearly I digressed. This slideshow goes through the basic directions, but I found a demonstration work so much better, and you can only do that effectively in person. Like tattoos, but without the lower back regret. Sorry folks at home.

Here We Go

It was as easy as expected…which wasn’t really easy.

The Finishers

This takes longer than class time allowed so we only have a few to share. I’m looking forward to adding more. Once my husband finishes his time machine, we will do more in class.