“Turquoise – my heart is kvelling! It’s the color that makes me smile the most. “

You may have noticed a reoccurring theme in my body of work (or, more accurately, a reoccurring color) – turquoise!

Turquoise is a magical color reminiscent of interesting jewels, iridescent butterflies, and the ocean gently lapping on warm white sands in front of the cast of Baywatch.

beach shots

You Can Buy Turquoise Paint

My last trip to mecca, aka the art store, was over Christmas. Thank goodness it’s so far away because I would go broke. Since I only get to go once or twice a year, I was poring over which paints to stock up on, and forcing my husband to sit in the corner. Fortunately, I get to make my husband sit in a corner more than twice a year.

My eyes were immediately drawn to the tube of turquoise.

The perfect color . . . MY color. I had to have it.

I was like a cat and it was my catnip. I was Lady Gaga and it was my crazy. I was a dog and it was … pretty much anything with a foul odor.

The Power of Color

Everyone responds to color. We are creatures driven by image.

Color sells. Billions of dollars are spent on the right color for branding.

Think about this:

I read a tutorial about setting up for craft shows. This woman’s secret was grouping all the products by color. When she started doing this, her traffic shot up. She could actually see people from across the road PULLED to her tent like they were being pulled into the mothership prior to an uncomfortable probing.

I had a similar experience recently . . . . with color, not with the probing!

I was at the mall and Charming Charlies drew me in like I had no will of my own. Everything is arranged by eye-popping groups of color; everything accessorized to match; each group of color is just as wondrous as the last.

(Of course, it was the turquoise that first got me in the door.)

“Color will pull people in like being pulled into the mothership prior to a probing”

Could you imagine a store arranging all their clothing by color?

People wouldn’t be able to help themselves; I wouldn’t be able to help myself.

It’s too bad that they are so blinded by doing things by brand and price . .  . ugh! It’s like arranging your music by record company – or arranging your pictures of your children by whether or not you remember that child’s name.

I still can’t apply this knowledge to my paintings . . . .

….but that gets me to thinking. Maybe I could do a series that features a particular color. Maybe turquoise! (Maybe it’s time to nail down a style. *sigh*)

I ended up not buying the turquoise.

Just like the gemstone, I like the uniqueness and variance of mixing my own.

“Turquoise – my heart is kvelling!”