Silent Sunday

Good morning. Welcome to another Silent Sunday. I’d like you to sit back and enjoy. Enjoy your own thoughts. Meditate a little. Smile.

Her Eyes

I think her eyes say it all.

I did this photo shoot ages ago when I had no clue what I was doing. My model didn’t know anything either . . .  like asking me to pay her. Oops! She was a friend’s daughter who graciously decided to submit to my crazy ideas.

We spent several hours trying out different costumes and poses. All-in-all it was quite fun . . . for me . . . I’m not sure she felt the same.

But I’m wiser now and hopefully she is too. She was just a teenager at the time and now she’s married! That just shows you how much time it’s taken me to get back around to the photos I took back then.


Painting her has brought back memories. I was reminded of the time

I was reminded of the time she and I drove through a terrifying storm to do a night hike and a find a geocache in the dark. It had to be dark because that was the only way to find the reflectors with a flashlight that marked the trail.

It was black as pitch and the trees were dripping with the recent storm. Fireflies were the only light. They made the journey like walking through a giant magical Christmas tree.