Candles for Christmas

After our stained glass trees, we wanted to create more light-effects projects. I found the inspiration for this gorgeous project at ArtZ KiddoZ. The process is easy and the results stunning.



First, we reviewed some color theory, specifically analogous colors.

On one page, we started with a circle of yellow (although some students wanted to test out other colors). Then we continued filling the page using increasingly darker colors.

On another page, we blended three columns of analogous colors – one for the flame, one for the wax, and one for the greenery.

Tearing It Up

Now tear the three columns into the shapes you need.

  • For the candle, tear into a rectangle.
  • For the flame, tear three teardrop shapes, each one getting progressively smaller.
  • For the greenery, tear into thin, long rectangles.

Put It All Together

  1. Because a candle’s wax is translucent, glue it with the lighter end near the yellow of the “light”.
  2. Glue the leaves near the base of the candle in random positions fanning out from both sides.
  3. Add the three flame pieces starting with the largest. Glue the medium-sized one in the center of the large one and the small one in the center of the medium one.
  4. Finally, paint a wick attaching the flame to the candle.