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5 Artful Things to Improve Your Mood

Mood & Environment Are Not Separate! Our environment is a large influence on our mental well-being. So we should surround ourselves with beauty. We’re attracted to it, it brightens our day, and it will make you smile. That’s why in today’s post I brought together a collection of things that should brighten your day. Beauty makes life […]

14 Paintings of the Christ Child to Celebrate Christmas

As Christmas quickly approaches, I decided a visual feast to celebrate the season was in order. [bctt tweet=”Merry Christmas in images!”] Most pieces I’m sharing originated in the Renaissance owing to the fact that as culture emerged from the Dark Ages there was an explosion of religious art. This period, also called the Age of Faith, […]

10 Fabulous Gift Ideas for the Artist in Your Life

Gift Ideas for Every Budget Here’s the problem I have with every single artist gift guide I’ve come across this year: none of them are very helpful. The majority seem to be designed for the sole purpose of pushing somebody-or-other’s wares. (There are no affiliate links in this post!) Very few seem to be written […]

Time-lapse: Painting People of the NYC Subway

I’m a bit of a people watcher. {Maybe you’ve noticed my favorite subject to paint is people.} I’m always soaking up the faces around me and looking for an image to paint. You can’t find a better place for such an activity than the NYC subway if just for the sheer volume of people. Not […]

A Pastel Painting How-to Of “The Duck Hunt”

First, A Bit About What You Don’t See: I have to admit that I’m fascinated by what you don’t see in this portrait: the amazing, beautiful hunting dogs that made this bounty possible. They are highly disciplined creatures that go through intensive training to overcome their own natural and powerful instincts. Their devotion, patience, and […]

5 Essential and FREE Digital Resources for Artists

I’ve been growing steadily more serious about my art for the last five years or so. As art has dominated more and more of my life, I’ve noticed several resources that have become indispensable in my endeavors. I’ve detailed five that I consider essential. 1. Posemaniacs, Quickposes, and New Master’s Academy I’m a big fan […]