Accosting Strangers

I found this beautiful girl at church. I know that it sounds like the opening of a Lifetime movie, but in this one nobody gets beaten with a stick. I was introduced to her before services and was already pawing the poor thing and touching her gorgeous hair (a BIG no-no messing with a black girl’s strands), but I’m an artist and have the sensitivity of a rock so I touch everything. Sometimes I move things around accidentally. This is why I haven’t seen my retainer in years. Anyway, I felt bad for her, because she had to put up with me.

All through service, I was thinking about how I had to get a photo of her even if it meant a less-than-ideal photo session out in the lobby . . . which is exactly what we did.

Artists are always on the hunt for great source photos and I am always approaching (or secretly taking photos of) strangers. Some people call this stalking. I call it being resourceful. The jury is out on this one. Literally.

Anyway, this girl is absolutely beautiful. I was so happy that she put up with me, and didn’t press charges.

9×12, Painted on Arches oil paper.